Tenga – Thengisa is a subsidiary of Healing Tree Enterprises PVT LTD

Tenga-Thengisa is committed to making student life convenient by making everything available on a one stop website (www.tenga-thengisa.co.zw). Tenga-Thengisa is an online marketing platform that advertises and provides a buy and sell market place, student off campus accommodation and university news.

The name Tenga-Thengisa was derived from two of the main languages in Zimbabwe, Tenga (Shona- to buy) and Thengisa (Ndebele – to sell). The website, www.tenga-thengisa.co.zw , was officially launched on the 1st of January 2016.

Buy & Sell Section

The shopping page promotes entrepreneurship for all Zimbabweans. Entrepreneurs are able to post for free products they wish to market online. This also allows university students to market their products to the general public as the whole of Zimbabwe has access. However this page is not limited to student sellers but free to the public to post ads.

University News Section

The university news page publishes both student and university achievements. This allows stakeholders around the country to be updated on a regular basis. The page has also attracted readers from outside the country. The university news page also has a Students Writers section which is for any students that wish to publish any literature or other forms of writing.

Accommodation Section

The accommodation page helps students find off campus accommodation easier as we provide all necessarily information. Access to the information is for free for students.  The section provides with landlord’s contacts details and also the type of accommodation being offered including the rent.

Online Games Section

“Work with no play makes Jack a bad boy”. Tenga-Thengisa understands that over the weekends boredom can arise for some students thus we put online games for students which they don’t need to download or install in order to play


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