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 A total solution to dynamic engagement


 To provide career guidance to members

 To bring members closer to the real marketing industries through strategic


 To get members ready for the industry through mentoring and facilitated


 To market members on the job market.

 To empower members so that they can explore and realize their full potential.

 To market the Chinhoyi University of Technology’s Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in

International Marketing and other marketing courses that may be offered by CUT in

the future, and to market Chinhoyi University of Technology as a university of choice

locally and abroad.


The organisation came to existence in march 2014 after a group of marketing students at

Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) saw that studying marketing theoretically was not

enough but to do it practically would help achieve their goals and come to realise their

potential. The club has achieved a number of its goals, some of them were to partner with

companies like Tenga-Thengisa and Niasha Gardens. The club has also managed to market

(CUT) at large. The club consists of a number of students from across all programs and most

of the students come from the marketing class. The club is ready to partner with any