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Creative writing/press club was officially launched on the fourth of September in the lewelin lecture theatre in The University of Zimbabwe. It was originally a study group made up of English Literature Honours students who where at the time in their second year of study.

The club is mainly made up of students who are doing a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree  although over time the club has grown to include students from various disciplines.

Our main aim has been to shorten the gap between the lecture room and the working world especially for those that did not have the opportunity to attach during the course of their program.

We have so far tried to do this by inviting leading individuals in Zimbabwe such as Prof Mupondi,  Mr G. Charamba and Dr Dokora to name just a few.  In these cases the invited guest is asked to present on a particular topic after which students get the opportunity to ask questions.

The Press Club ( creative writing / press club)  is foremost a creating club,  having most of its members as a students of English Literature students.  We encourage our members to be as creative as possible  and currently we are working an anthology project, compiling all our members works of art ( write)   for publishing.

Being a more useful youth to the community we live in is one of our major concerns.  Our club aims at inspiring young man and women at the University level who are fast becoming disillusioned and are losing hope of the future to be more inventive, pioneering as well to have the edge and creativity required in the face of the economic challenges that we will most likely inevitably come across.  In short we aim to empower ourselves while in the lecture room before we step to the board room.

The group of young men and women that one finds in the club is one that not only enjoys but has dedicated itself fully in finding solutions, not only to their own problems but national as well as international problems. Their main goal is not only to make Zimbabwe a better place but to make Africa reach her full potential in becoming a better place.

At the moment our club is being led by its President Brian Madongonda a third year English Honors student at U. Z. He works with a team of ten dedicated and driven students

Our mission is “making education relevant through meaningful networking”

Put simply we are a non profit organization which endeavors to create a platform for students to network and exchange ideas with decision makers in society.