Posted at 20th November 2016

AU: Final Draft First Semester Examinations Timetable 2016/17

Final Draft First Semester Examinations Timetable

First Semester Examinations are scheduled to begin on Monday the 21st of November and ending on Friday the 2nd of December 2016. Attached please find the Final Draft First Semester Examinations Timetable for all Students.

Students are required to proceed as follows:

Report clashes and make suggestions for possible dates and time slots,
Report any omitted courses,
Report any repetition on the examinations timetable,

The Examinations Office would like to advise all students to take time to read through this second draft examination timetable and take appropriate action through Faculty Timetable Representatives [Staff].

The Examinations Office will not accept suggestions or reports coming directly from students or take responsibility of any reports slide under the Examinations’ Office door. Submissions from students, through Faculties should reach the Examinations Office by the 4th of November 2016.

Click here to download Exam Timetable Second Draft

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