Posted at 4th November 2016

AU: Health Fair 2016

In a concerted effort to educate and bring forth health awareness, the Africa University (AU) community hosted the Health Fair on November 4. Exhibiting and disseminating crucial information were AU student peer educators in liaison with health professionals from AU’s Bishop Alfred Norris Health Centre, as well as friends and partners of AU who are leading health experts in the country.

The Health Fair facilitated fruitful engagement with adept stakeholders who had put up shop at the main campus. The facilitators who educated attendees on wellness, also offered free medical services; notably blood typing, diabetic and hypertension evaluations, HIV testing, cervical cancer screening, eye screening as well as free dental check-ups.

The institution’s exploration into health research and offering quality health services has proven to be monumental in the attainment of healthier communities in Zimbabwe and across the African continent as these projects are run by the students themselves, whilst on campus. AU students take on these initiatives even after graduation and implement the life changing projects in their various communities, for the betterment of their societies.

“As the health service unit at AU, our mandate is to educate, promote and maintain a healthy society. Through this health fair we have managed to further our cause.” said Sister T. Murapa (Sister in Charge at AU Clinic). “It is important that people have an opportunity to talk on and gain understanding of health related matters, conduct tests and seek treatment, if required. This can save someone’s life” she added.

One of Africa’s greatest challenges is the need to advance human resource capacity to prevent, detect, and treat the rising cases of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Africa University is meeting this challenge through the provision of transformative leaders in the health sector who are trained from inception into the University. Through the Faculty of Health Sciences, the University is also committed to executing cutting edge research that is relevant to the health sector in Africa.

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