Posted at 22nd May 2017

CUT: Students and Staff equipped with Digital skills

The transition from Analog to Digital life has made massive impacts on the lives of the people in every African Country. Due to the fact that many African countries have been considered ignorant and using laggard pace to embrace technology, it was through the initiative of Google and Afro Digital to educate the African Populace. The Google Digital training program hosted by Trust Nhokovedzo took place at the Chinhoyi University Of Technology(CUT) Hotel popularly known as CUT Hotel on the 10th of May 2017. The core purpose of this training was to equip Lecturers and Students at Chinhoyi University of Technology on how the internet can be used to help facilitate the growth of businesses as well as its essentiality on growing research and individual profiles.

In his presentation, which was successfully attended, the host embarked on elucidating how the internet has connected and taken over most parts of the world in as far as communication and businesses are concerned. People involved in small to medium enterprises which are popularly known as S.M.E’s, were urged to utilise the internet to market their goods and services. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to mention only but a few, were pointed out as the most effective social platforms one could make use of to publicise their businesses.

More so, the presenter also mentioned of how business growth could be achieved through the use of the internet. Marketing and advertising through an established website which is professionally designed can lead one to business growth through linking up easily with potential customers, buyers or suppliers. Also, the speaker went on to advise the people involved in businesses to take into consideration the advantages of harnessing the new technologies which are dominant nowadays as they are to a greater extent proving their significance in terms of advertising, selling and creating connections. A special thanks to the Marketing and PR department in collaboration with the ICT department for organisation such a successful event

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