Posted at 7th September 2016

GZU: Youth Entrepreneurship – 8 September 2016

Youth Entrepreneurship

There is going to be a workshop at Mashava Campus, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo.

8 September 2016


A project called Road To Nairobi 2016 Project which aims to foster youth employment and entrepreneurship in 8 African Countries. So starting 6 September to 16 September we will be travelling around Zimbabwe seeing wat youth entrepreneurs are doing on ground, highlighting challenges they are facing and try come.up.with tailor made solutions. Unfortunately Masvingo no one won so we are passing through GZ have a dialogue with students on entrepreneurship in order to develop rich.information on how youths appreciate entrepreneurship. We have a set of topics to be covered.

Topics to be addressed are already in place……with the nature of our current project in Africa, our preferred audience are youths with a vested interest in entrepreneurship, those already running some projects as well as those studying entrepreneurship.

We are having the same discussions at UZ and NUST. Our aim is to get rich information on issues surrounding youth entrepreneurship and the perceptions of youths themselves. Since the core objective is to advocate for promotion of youth led development in Africa, this information will be of grt impotance

Some of the questions:
1) Do you think entrepreneurship is a panacea to Zim’s economic meltdown.
2) How best can youth potential be harnessed to provide solutions for the skyrocketing youth unemployment rates.
3) Do you think the government is supportive enough to youth startups?What can be done better?
4) What is innovation? Is it only limited to IT?
5)Do you, as students feel that entrepreneurship needs to be incorporated and promoted in universities? How?

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