Posted at 27th November 2016

BUSE: Official SRC Press Statement

Official BUSE SRC Press Statement.

Revolutionary greetings cdes. It is with a heavy heart that we make the university address on the background of an insensitive ruling made by an inconsiderate adminstration. We have tried to go to the negotiating table with them but all was in vain. Henceforth when negotiations fail we apply minimum force for we believe in strength in numbers.

Let me hasten to remind this adminstration that he who pays the piper calls the tune. Therefore the paying students should be listened to. Times are hard in Zimbabwe and parents of the these students have sacrificed tooth and nail to send their children to university to acquire the much needed qualification which is their ray of hope to a new life.

We encourage the students to peacefully organise themselves tomorrow Monday the 27th November 2016 which we have dabbed a “Black Monday” we as their leaders we shall be there and leading from the front.

Let me make a passionate plea to you all my brothers and sisters that this march is not only for the affected students but for every bonafide students of BUSE. Its time to proclaim a student centered University not this Mwenje centered University.

May God richly bless BUSE University. So far mastudents atori ready kufayisa zvinhu paBUSE kuti zviende mberi.

#No To Dereg.
#No Going Home. #No To Mwenje Centered University.

Venue: Main Campus.

Date: 27th November 2016

Time: 7:00.


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